Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting, Teckgeekz provide you with fully Automated cloud hosting on cloud servers, We build and deliver the application server as per the requirement for running the application you require. You no longer have to setup your server from scratch.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting and How it can Help you
What is Managed Hosting ?
Managed Cloud hosting implies you share and access resources from a remote network or remote location. This is a simple defination for a layman person. As you purchase resources from a remote network you can define as to how much resources you need in terms of CPU, Ram, Storage, etc. You hold the power to choose how much you want to invest on your web server. One important think to consider when working with the cloud network is the security of your servers or websites/applications hosted on your server. This can be a little tricky. We can help you :
  • Provide cloud server
  • Setup your cloud server
  • Migrate your existing website
  • Secure your cloud hosted server
  • Optimize the performance
  • Installation of critical applications

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