Travel PPC Campaign | Pay Per Call Marketing for Travel Industry

Travel PPC Campaign | Pay Per Call Marketing for Travel Industry

We custom create Travel PPC and Per per call Campaigns specifically for travel Industry
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Ads Account Management
  • Call only Campaign
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Display Ads
travel PPC

SEO Service for Travel Industry

We develop high quality content specifically for travel Industry for Travel PPC campaigns. It is important to get organic traffic to your website to lower your marketing cost.
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travel PPC
Quality Link Building
Quality Link Building
We also provide services to get high quality links to your content. Off page is as important as On site SEO. Without offsite SEO you will never be able to rank on any search engine.
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Travel PPC Campaign & Travel SEO Services

Travel Calls or Travel Call only campaigns Available

Travel Industry is ever changing and there are New Companies entering the market Everyday. It becomes hard for any new company to be able to make their online presence with current market conditions.

We provide comprehensive solution for Travel PPC and Travel Industry Ads account management.

Teckgeekz has been serving the travel industry specifically since 2011. We understand how hard it is to be able make online presence with tough competition.

We provide you with approved Ads campaigns on Google or Bing ads as per your requirements. Please feel free to contact us and we will give you 2 hours of Marketing Consultation Absolutely free.

We also provide with Google Call only campaigns as well, however the requirements for call only campaign differs from each Website.

We can also help with the web development of a website that would meet all current requirements as per Ads policy for google or Bing.

We setup the Website on our High Performance VPS. We provide Managed Cloud Hosting for travel websites as well.

Travel website fail to work as desired on shared hosting as it requires lot of API calls. It is advisable to use High performance Virtual system or Managed cloud hosting. You can contact us for more details for Managed cloud Hosting.

How to Generate Calls for US Airlines and Flights Bookings

Are you looking for inbound calls for Airlines in United States. Need assistance in generating inbound calls for Delta, United, Southwest and spirit Airlines. Need Inbound calls based out of USA, Canada and UK. Teckgeekz has been serving business in generating inbound calls for Travel call centers since 2011. We specialize in proving inbound calls for Delta Airlines, United Airlines or all type of Mixed Airlines booking calls.

Basic Requirements to generate Inbound Calls for Airlines and Booking Calls

  • Web Hosting service like Godaddy or AWS or Google Cloud
  • Travel Agency Website
  • Google Ads or Microsoft Bing Advertising Accounts
  • Booking Engine
  • Airlines Booking API
  • Travel GDS
  • Toll Free number to receive calls

How we generate Inbound calls

  • We use¬†Google Ads¬†to generate calls
  • We provide you with a google ads campaign
  • Optimize the inbound calls campaign
  • Generate calls with lowest possible Ad spend

Getting started with Google Ads

  • With google you target the 90% of your Audience
  • Create¬†web search¬†or¬†Call only ads
  • Setup correct bid strategy
  • Optimize website
  • Optimize Keywords
  • Optimize Ad copy and extensions

How we can help

  • Expert team
  • Experience of over 10 years working for the same industry
  • Dedicated Ads campaign
  • Generate Calls with less Ad spend
  • Increase conversions
  • Easy and cost effective service

Generating inbound calls for US based Airlines is not an easy Task as Google Ads policy changes on Regular basis. It is very important to follow all google ads policies before starting with campaigns. With our team of experts managing more than 30+ campaigns on a given day are familiar with all policies and how to get you the results you are looking for.

Get in touch with Teckgeekz today and get started with a dedicated team of experts who work for your success. Start a Whatsapp Chat or call us anytime.

See How Well Your Campaign is Optimized

Let us help you get your business online and grow it with passion.

Our team of professional Google Ads experts is the perfect partner for a successful Travel PPC or Travel pay per call Marketing.

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