WordPress Virus removal – Infected WordPress Website

Infected WordPress website can cause a lot of damage to the reputation of any online business using. It is very important that you run a clean website or else you might get ban from google search, you can even loose your hosting. If you ever received an email from you hosting provider stating “Your website is sending malicious emails" or any such message from your hosting provider. Then this means your website is hacked and malicious code is running on your web server.

infected wordpress

How to Remove Malware from WordPress

To be able to remove infections from any wordpress website you require a little Technical knowledge. Removal of Malware or malicious code can be a tedious task. You require an expert developer who can identify and secure your wordpress website.

Wordpress has the Market Share of 34% as of 2019. This is why it is a popular target for hackers. To identify infection on wordpress you can run different scans available online or install plugins, however these scans only provide preliminary information. You need an expert who can check and identify the problem and rectify it.

How Can We help with infected wordpress Website

We have an expert team of wordpress developers who can identify and remove any kind of infection from your wordpress website. We can deliver a clean website within 5-7 business days. However this is dependent upon the type of infection on the wordpress website. You can Contact us or send us message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Pricing for Infected WordPress Website

We have a very simple and Straight forward pricing for infected wordpress website.

  • 100$ for website with less then 20 pages
  • 200$ for websites with 21-50 pages
  • 400$ for websites with more then 50 pages
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